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A brand is not just a logo, symbol or a slogan that identifies your product or service. Your brand also includes your reputation, ideas, know-how, employees, values and corporate culture. No one should use your brand without your consent. Protect it with a trademark! You will increase the reputation of your brand, its growth potential and the loyalty of your customers.

Did you know that the requirements for a trademark registration are the same as those for a good brand? It should be unconventional, unmistakable and easy to remember. Let us verify yours today. A brand that passes our audit is unique and is not interchangeable with another brand.

trama™ is a unique digital solution for trademark registration. It enables easy, fast and affordable protection of your brand all around the globe.

Why trama™?

  • Strong expertise

    We've verified over 1 000 marks with 100% successful registration rate. Let us take care of yours as well - with a money-back guarantee.

  • Free assessment

    Unlike other providers we will verify if your mark can be registered for free within 24 hours. You do not risk anything with us.

  • Global coverage

    We will register your trademark in the European Union, United Kingdom, United States, and pretty much any other location.

  • Streamlined process

    One form instead of dozens of emails, 10 minutes instead of several hours. We save your valuable time thanks to technology.

  • Dedicated support

    Our experts are here for you. They will gladly help you with any and every step of trademark registration process.

  • End-to-end service

    We partner with an international law firm and are ready to provide a comprehensive legal advice, from trademark strategy to dispute resolution.

Our story

trama™ is part of the innovation portfolio of Sparring. Creating accessible business tools tailored to the needs of our clients is in our DNA.

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April 2019 - Start of automation efforts

  • October 2017 - Launch of a EU trademark-focussed law practice

  • July 2018 - First trademark filled in the US

  • April 2019 - Start of automation efforts

  • January 2020 - Milestone of 350 trademarks screened

  • March 2020 - Rebranding to trama™

  • June 2020 - Global expansion

  • July 2020 - We checked 50 trademarks in one month

Team trama™

Photo: Paul Kenny
Paul Kenny
Growth Mind
Heading growth team at VacuumlabsINSEAD
Photo: Igor Demcak
Igor Demcak
Trademark Attorney
Filed over 150 trademarks as a trademark attorneyUPJS Kosice
Photo: Tatiana Kudlacova
Tatiana Kudlacova
Legal Mind
Specializes on IT & IP law, responsible for dispute resolutionVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Photo: Majo Porvaznik
Majo Porvaznik
Legal Mind
Partner at Sparring LegalUniversity of Oxford
Photo: Pavol Gurican
Pavol Gurican
Tech Mind
Solved Big Data problems at eBay & PalantirUniversity of Cambridge
Photo: Jan Buza
Jan Buza
Product Mind
Helped scale portfolio firms for a VC fundCEMS Prague
Photo: Katarina Martisova
Katarina Martisova
Legal Mind
Specializes on IT & IP law, leads our Czech operationsCharles University in Prague
Photo: Marek Krizka
Marek Krizka
Legal Mind
Partner at Sparring Legal, NY Attorney heading our US operationsKing's College London