IP protection services beyond trademark registration

Our attorneys provide a comprehensive legal advice, from thorough research, through dispute resolution to trademark strategy design.


Oppositions and Office actions

Facing complications in your trademark registration process? We will help you negotiate with IP offices as well as third parties.

from $230 (excl. VAT)

Infringement and Litigation

Dealing with a trademark infringement? Our team will help you choose best course of action and provide legal support on the way.

from $350 (excl. VAT)

Strategy and Risk analysis

Planing a global expansion? Let us design a comprehensive legal strategy, so you get the best protection.

from $1,160 (excl. VAT)

Why us?

  • Strong expertise

    We specialize on trademark protection and are well versed in nuances of the registration and litigation processes.

  • Dedicated support

    Get support from a trademark expert, specializing on your particular industry and jurisdiction.

  • Global coverage

    We cover disputes both in the EU and in the US - with more jurisdictions coming soon.

  • Meet & Greet

    Start with a free consultation with our trademark attorneys, who will better understand your needs.

  • Tailored offer

    We will then prepare a custom-made package, reflecting your particular industry, situation and vision.

  • Action

    An experienced trademark attorney will handle your case for a flat fee. No more worries about billed hours.

Get started witha free consultation

We will arrange a call with our attorneys to create a comprehensive legal package with a transparent flat fee.

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We will come back to you within the next 24 hours.

Team trama™

Photo: Paul Kenny
Paul Kenny
Growth Mind
Heading growth team at VacuumlabsINSEAD
Photo: Igor Demcak
Igor Demcak
Trademark Attorney
Filed over 150 trademarks as a trademark attorneyUPJS Kosice
Photo: Tatiana Kudlacova
Tatiana Kudlacova
Legal Mind
Specializes on IT & IP law, responsible for dispute resolutionVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Photo: Majo Porvaznik
Majo Porvaznik
Legal Mind
Partner at Sparring LegalUniversity of Oxford
Photo: Pavol Gurican
Pavol Gurican
Tech Mind
Solved Big Data problems at eBay & PalantirUniversity of Cambridge
Photo: Jan Buza
Jan Buza
Product Mind
Helped scale portfolio firms for a VC fundCEMS Prague
Photo: Katarina Martisova
Katarina Martisova
Legal Mind
Specializes on IT & IP law, leads our Czech operationsCharles University in Prague
Photo: Marek Krizka
Marek Krizka
Legal Mind
Partner at Sparring Legal, NY Attorney heading our US operationsKing's College London