IP protection services beyond trademark registration

Our attorneys provide a comprehensive legal advice, from thorough research, through dispute resolution to trademark strategy design.


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  • Strong expertise

    We specialize on trademark protection and are well versed in nuances of the registration and litigation processes.

  • Dedicated support

    Get support from a trademark expert, specializing on your particular industry and jurisdiction.

  • Global coverage

    We cover disputes both in the EU and in the US - with more jurisdictions coming soon.

  • Meet & Greet

    Start with a free consultation with our trademark attorneys, who will better understand your needs.

  • Tailored offer

    We will then prepare a custom-made package, reflecting your particular industry, situation and vision.

  • Action

    An experienced trademark attorney will handle your case for a flat fee. No more worries about billed hours.

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We will arrange a call with our attorneys to create a comprehensive legal package with a transparent flat fee.

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Team trama™

Photo: Paul Kenny
Paul Kenny
Growth Mind
Heading growth team at VacuumlabsINSEAD
Photo: Igor Demcak
Igor Demcak
Trademark Attorney
Filed over 150 trademarks as a trademark attorneyUPJS Kosice
Photo: Tatiana Kudlacova
Tatiana Kudlacova
Legal Mind
Specializes on IT & IP law, responsible for dispute resolutionVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Photo: Majo Porvaznik
Majo Porvaznik
Legal Mind
Partner at Sparring LegalUniversity of Oxford
Photo: Pavol Gurican
Pavol Gurican
Tech Mind
Solved Big Data problems at eBay & PalantirUniversity of Cambridge
Photo: Jan Buza
Jan Buza
Product Mind
Helped scale portfolio firms for a VC fundCEMS Prague
Photo: Katarina Martisova
Katarina Martisova
Legal Mind
Specializes on IT & IP law, leads our Czech operationsCharles University in Prague
Photo: Marek Krizka
Marek Krizka
Legal Mind
Partner at Sparring Legal, NY Attorney heading our US operationsKing's College London