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Regional validity

Select jurisdictions, in which you would like to use your trademark

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Register a trademark in 2 jurisdictions, and get a 10% off from the second mark. Choose 3 locations and get an additional 20% discount on the third one. The discount applies to the cheaper trademark.

Looking for a trademark in countries not listed here?

Trama can secure you a trademark in virtually any jurisdiction. Let us know countries, where you would like to register a trademark and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

Trademark type

Trademark type

Choose the type that best describes your brand, and the one you will actually use in business.

A mark represented by words, letters, numbers, or other characters that can be typed on a keyboard. Suitable for a product name or registration of a slogan.

Wording of the trademark

The mark must be able to distinguish your goods or services from the goods and services of another party. It cannot include specification of type, quality, quantity, purpose or other characteristics of the goods or services.

Goods or services that you want to protect

Goods or services that you want to protect

Indicate goods or services that you want to protect, or alternatively your area of business.

Your contact details

Your contact details

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