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How to register a global trademark?

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Let us start by saying that there is no such a thing as a truly global trademark. Trademark registration is only valid in the jurisdictions in which an application has been filed and accepted.

As a result, we strongly recommend registering the trademark in markets where you currently sell or wish to sell your products and services in the future.

Available options

In comparative terms, the table below highlights the price difference between the two available options for registering foreign trademarks, using the US trademark as an example.

  • World Intellectual Property Office

    • allows individuals and companies to apply for trademark registration in foreign countries
    • associated with substantial administrative fees which increase the total cost of registration
    • Basic fee€600
    • Service fee€210
    • Administrative fee€210

    Total price€1,020

  • Save 61%
    • allows to make the use of its extensive network of trademark attorneys across the world
    • in addition to lower fees, this direct form enhances the enforceability of your trademark
    • Basic fee€0
    • Service fee€185
    • Administrative fee€210

    Total price€395


Our package for brands with global ambitions

  • Flag of the European Union

    European Union


    • Service fee
    • Administrative fee
    • Total price


    • Classes included
    • Extra class
      The third and each additional class costs €205
  • Flag of the United Kingdom

    United Kingdom


    • Service fee
    • Administrative fee
    • Price after discount


    • Classes included
    • Extra class
  • Flag of the United States of America



    • Service fee
    • Administrative fee
    • Price after discount


    • Classes included
    • Extra class

Key benefits of the EU + UK + US package

  • 896.5mil.

    consumers located in these markets

  • 100%

    protection for key platforms (Amazon, App Store)

  • 33%

    of the global purchasing power parity

How it works?

  • Free trademark verification

    24 hours

    Fill out the free verification form and our experienced legal team will assess whether it is possible to register your trademark. You will get the result within 24 hours.

    Trademark verification
  • Filing the registration

    3-5 days

    After you complete the order, our legal team will prepare a draft submission for your final approval. Once approved, we will file it on your behalf and you obtain full ownership of the trademark.

    Filling the registration
  • Assessment by the trademark office

    4-6 months

    The whole process takes 4-6 months, depending on the jurisdiction. Application is assessed by the trademark office, published for potential oppositions and finally approved.

    Assessment by the trademark office
  • Trademark registered

    Following a successful registration, your trademark is valid from the date of filing and it retains the right of priority throughout the assessment process carried out by trademark offices. It is valid for 10 years.

    Trademark certificate

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